Friday, April 27, 2007

Why won't you eat?

Having a child with an oral aversion is so baffling! he resists all attempts at eating but will freely put inanimate objects like toys and household items into his mouth. We recently captured this video to illustrate our point.


Grandma W said...

Go figure, dad!!!!!! One of these days Matthew is going to "accidentally" put some food in his mouth and "like" it.

I would look at the fact that he is starting to put things in his mouth as a "good thing". At least the gagging tendency doesn't follow. Every day Matthew shows us something new to appreciate about him. Eating Food will be added to that list someday, I promise!

"Think Positive" is my motto........ it hasn't let me down yet. "You go Matthew"! grandma wright a.k.a uma

GoteeMan said...

We had one son with really unusual oral issues. He is 11 now and has grown out of almost all of it, but for many years, was terribly sensitive to textures of foods.

It was so bad that if he tried to put foods with certain textures in his mouth and chew them, he would throw up. At first, I didn't understand and was trying to make him eat it anyway... when we realized it was the texture of the food that was giving him fits, we were able to change it and give him more foods that were easier for him. He still isn't crazy about certain meats and fruits, but now he loves vegs alot...

For example, he loves apples and applesauce and grapes, but not raisins, bananas or pears. He loves hamburger but not cubed steak. Chicken but not fish.


Grandma Sue said...

I too hope that this aversion passes quickly. He has done so well with all the other issues he has gone through, that this will be taken care if time.

I did think of one thing - how about a big marshmallow. That's almost like chewing on a toy. Just putting my thoughts out there. He looks wonderful and is playful and happy. The pictures and videos are great.

I love you Matthew. Grandma Sue