Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Easter egg hunt

We celebrated Easter Sunday at Uncle Keith & Auntie Gabrielle's house this weekend. They set up an Easter egg hunt complete with a camouflage basket. Matthew was a little too young to grasp the concept. The ladies tried steering him towards the eggs and even resorted to throwing them in his path (to no avail). Uncle Keith & Grandpa Wright stood back and marvelled at the whole scene. Afterwards, we all went back inside and ate way too much! To view a video of Matthew on the hunt CLICK HERE.


Grandma W said...

The beautiful backyard setting for the fun Easter Egg hunt was at Uncle Keith and Aunt Gabrielle's home. They did all the landscaping themselves over the years. Why they want to move from this big "beautiful" big home "in the Bermuda Triangle" and away from family is beyond me.

This was Matthew's very first Easter egg hunt. His "main" interest was the pool. It took all eyes on him to keep him on the lawn. Ha Ha. Pools scare me something awful.

As you can see, the adults were there in force and probably "bigger kids" about the whole egg hunt than Matthew. Matthew loves to climb, to put it mildly, and the inside of the house was a challenge as it is a tri-level.

It was a fun filled day with lots of great food and company. Matthew, as always, was the center of attention with endless energy.

Thank you Keith and Gabrielle for you hospitality and hard work this year. We all had a fun day and once again appreciated each member of our family.

One realy nice thing about our family, you "don't have to be a blood relative" to be considered "family". God bless all our friends and Prayer Warriors. I hope you had a blessed and Happy Easter as well. grandma wright a.k.a. uma

yerdoingitwrong said...

Great pics, guys. You have such a cutie pie in Matthew and such a loving, connected family!!

Grandma Sue said...

Well the adults deserve a big hand for trying their best. I think Matthew wanted the dogs to come out and help him. Very cute pictures and it's always so wonderful to see such a close family having another fun get together. I can't believe he is almost 2 and can't wait to help him celebrate his birthday.

Love to all of you form Grandma Sue.

Jenni said...

Matthew is looking great!!

So glad you had a nice Easter!