Thursday, November 23, 2006

There was never a need to worry. Ever since we won the "Battle of the Birds", the men have been proficient poultry preparers. We had help this year, however, because Grandma Wright Marinated the whole turkey for two days in a special recipe.


Grandma W said...
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Grandma W said...

There was a whole lot of good eat'n in that thar pot. The turkey has been deep fried since the first experiment about 5 years ago. Since then the oven has been designated for the roll, potatoes, stuffing and anything else that needs warming up. Our co-op pig fest always turns out to the satisfaction of all. If anyone goes away hungry, it's their own fault. There is no pushing and shoving, at the trough, but one waits for another like one pigs waits for another. Matthew "WILL" get over his oral aversion with this family. Ha Ha. That is if "example" has anything to do with it. I just love this herd!!!
grandma w