Friday, November 10, 2006

Matthew's story was featured last night on our local NBC news station. The reporter, Beth Fisher, and everyone behind the scenes did a great job of bringing to light the difficulties in providing for a sick child. Here is the link to see the news clip... CLICK HERE


Denise said...

nice face darlin boy!!! i saw you and mommy and daddy on the tv, you are all so FABULOUS!!!!!

Thank you Lord for this miracle!!!

Anonymous said...

Beth Fisher, her producer Suzanne & Ken the photog did such an amazing job! The entire gang over at KVBC is wonderful and we LOVE them.
I know that because of their help, some doors have been opened!!
We simply can't thank them enough!

Grandma W said...

Matthew, you could show mommy a little gratitude for sticking with this solid food "thingy". I can't even identify what actually made it across the lips, but I am sure it didn't taste "that bad". Ha Ha. Matthew has many faces and this is one of his more normal one at meal time. If the matter is more solid, it lands on the floor. This little boy does not hide the fact that what goes through the lips does not necessarily make it to the hips..........or stomach for that matter. He is a cute little stinker, even in his rebellious mode. Love you sweet baby and that darling little tongue. grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

Another yummy meal, huh Matthew? The picture says it all. I think he just plain doesn't want anything in his mouth. Thank goodness you are able to feed him and keep him looking so health. He looks fantastic. What a cutie.

I love you Matthew. Grandma Sue

Wendy Perez said...

Terri, Michael & Matthew:
I feel so blessed to have met you at the voting poles! The story was great and I am so happy that your prayers are being answered. I know that God will continue to bless you. My family and I will contine to pray. I have drafted the letter to legislation that I promised you so be sure to keep me updated so that I can update that letter each quarter! :D God Bless! Wendy Perez

Michael said...

Hi Wendy!!!
That is so great... thank you so much...We need all the help we can get w/ our NV lawmakers!
You can email me @
It was fun meeting you, too and I hope we can stay in touch!
Terri King

Anonymous said...

Here is the article in the LV Sun on Saturday

The Special Zipper said...

I found this very interesting and good luck with Matthew in the future. I can only pray our Australian legislators/health insurers don't start to cap our health cover as we have a three year old who has had open heart surgery on two occasions and needs a valve replacement in the future.

In fact I am actually running an Internet uptrade challenge (following in the footsteps of oneredpaperclip) to raise funds for HeartKids Australia ... "The Special Zipper" (I think many of us a familiar with that saying ... at