Saturday, November 11, 2006

After thanking God, how will we ever be able to thank KVBC for getting the story out and LVMPD (Metro) for pushing the cap through??? A thousand "thank-you's" seems so inadequate.

My eyes tear up every time I think of our little Whomagoo being able to continue receiving the best medical care possible. It is truly an intolerable thought that it could very well have not been this way. What a relief that I can now safely push that fear quickly out of my mind.

No parent should face this fear. You, Mike, and Matthew have put a face on this unthinkable situation for all similarly situated families in Nevada. How fabulous it will be when this legislation can make a difference in some families lives and they, too, can breathe a sign of relief.


Grandma W said...

I, too, would like to extend the warmest, most sincere "thank you" to KVBC and Beth Fisher, for reporting on the fact that Nevadan's are "suffering in silence" without any place to turn.

I hope the Nevada Legislature puts their Medical Crisis issue in their State on the front burner for 2007.

I am proud to be a Nevadan and would hate to have to move because of health care reasons. We need to abolish the "Jesse James" approach of telling people to move out of state and rob other Health Care Systems. It is not fair to the States that have taken a pro-active approach to "their" problem. Nevada can join the other 36 states who are doing a wonderful job of "protecting their citizens". Nevada is not an indigent State. Some very wealthy people live here. Our gaming industry is booming. Look at all the brand new hotels and the expansion going on here. We are proud to be Nevadans. Nevada should be proud of it's citizens as well.

The Metropolitan Police Department is the Best. What a wonderful caring group that is able to listen to the concerns of their officers and families. They are 2006, todays, Band of Brother. They have faced today's enemy of Health Care. HealthCare issues ARE today's Terriorists that creep into the lives of everyday people like Michael and Terri. This has been a wonderful week for Metro. We have Doug Gillespie for Sheriff who was so instrumental in looking after his officers. We in Las Vegas, Nevada are very lucky to have him. We can only hope the Nevada Legislator will step up to the plate and pass legislature that will take care of "everybody" in Nevada. It is a dream that "can" come true. Republican or Democrate, male or female, rich or poor, we are Nevadan's who vote you into your positions. Listen to sound of the distant drums and be true "leaders" regarding the Medical Crises in Nevada. That will be the true judge of your charactor. Support "whole families" and abolish the "get a divorce" attitude. It is immoral to instruct individuals to destroy the family unit and family life of it's children. What kind of an example does this set or message does this send to our youth???? Life is good! grandma w

Anonymous said...

We truly feel that Metro PD saved Matthew's life. What would we have done??? Really!!

We would have been forced to do something!! Move to another state that helps .... or Mike would have had to sacrifice his retirement and salary ~ quit Metro to get another job??
I know we "could have" gotten a divorce... in all reality.... who could do that?????

all we have to do is worry and focus our attention to Matthew....

Grandma Sue said...

So well said Kim. I want to add my thank you too. The reporter from KVBC isn't just reading a story, she is living it with you guys. She has seen Matthew during the difficult times and also during this wonderful time. She is outstanding. And, the LVMPD (Metro) has done a wonderful thing. Terri, Michael and Matthew deserve so much credit for showing their story and fighting for the rights that all families should have. This beautiful family has become the advocates for so many others.

I love you all so much. Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

I can't believe that I totally left out the "emotional support" of loved ones in this medical crises equation....... I guess I was just too hung up on Nevada telling my kids to get a divorce to solve their financial medical crises. Picking up a gun and shooting them would have been less painful for the King Trio.

Recommending Nevadans pick up and move out of state for "financial reasons" is telling the very people who "need" help, in the first place, to abandon the "most "important" part of the equation...their loved ones. Not only are these Nevadans desperate for good medical care; but desperately in need of "emotional support". Wow! how could I have missed this?????

Parents, care givers are in need of the very bases of existance for their own mental well, support, caring and "loved ones". What a lose-lose recommendation.

I know Hitler wanted the "perfect" society and took measures to rid society of the "not perfect" individuals, familes and an entire nationality. Nevada is made up of a melting pot of people, families and nationalities. The advice of deposing those in financial need is sort of cleansing Nevada of those less perfect and in need. These are families that could be made well with Nevada's Help.

In 2007, Nevada Legislature, don't focus on play grounds for the children; but "the not so well children", who need to be made well, in order to play in these parks.

Focus first on the "people" not the "things" in Nevada. It is the people who will bring about a better Nevada, not the "things". Put the entire "equation" together to fix the "whole family" and keep them close to all their loves ones and Prayer Warriors.

Just read the love and gratitude of Matthew's beloved Auntie Kim and Grandma Sue. You should hear the rejoicing of those in the remainder of the family. We ALL won when Metro Police Department came through with the Higher Medical Cap. They touched the hearts of so many other police and their families. Here is one who will be forever grateful.

Nevada Medical Assistance for "EVERYONE" in need of financial assistance with medical care is a win-win situation in the world according to grandma w. Life is good