Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The act of a child eating a Cheeto is likely a non-event in most households. But for us it signaled a major breakthrough! You see, in addition to his many challenges, Matthew also has an oral aversion. Six months of uncomfortable tubes in his mouth (and a feeding tube which ensures he is never hungry) has left our little guy with no desire to eat. Most offerings of food are greeted with swatting hands and a sour expression on his face. Ever vigilant, Terri keeps on offering things to Matthew in the hopes that he will eventually show interest. Well thanks to a week of steroids to treat a respiratory infection, Matthew has been receptive to his bottle and today he tasted & nibbled his first Cheeto!


Grandma W said...

Matthew certainly is a boy "in control". I sat with his mommy and helped her eat a bag of cheetos in order to get Matthew to put at least "one" in his mouth. We even ate the ones he threw on the floor (which was all). I've had worse projects. Ha Ha.

When I saw this picture I almost fell out of my chair. Matthew actually sticking "something" in his mouth and with a smile on his face at that! I figured "never the twain should meet". Matthew has in deed signaled to us he is about to enter into a new phase of discovery to our anticipated delight. No greater love has anyone had for a child than what we feel for Matthew. Life is good!
Love you sweet baby....grandma w

Grandma W said...

In daddy's long list of "all of a suddens" I did not see where Matthew has started "walking" like it was no big deal. To him, it is like it was just meant to happen. Matthew's gentle acceptance of "life" is one of his many mysteries and amazements. His quiet acceptance of "life" makes you realize that he is so in tune with God's plan.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! This is one family that has a list that would be never ending. The most important of all is that we have "each other". We have had the best of time and we have had sad time this past year; but the "love" has kept us together.

We have two of our young who have wandered to what looks like "greener pastures", but that is what youth does. They are hungry to try out their wings and find their own way. I know in my heart they will someday come to realize the great strength and safe harbor in the love of family. Here's a special "happy thanksgiving" to you, girls. grandma loves you and will always wish the very best for you. grandma w

Denise said...

FABULOUS pic!!! did he actually eat it???

Happy Day to all of you and big big hugs for magoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and Casey!!!!!

Thank you Lord for this day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No, he didn't eat it...
he just "tasted" it until it go all squishy... but he did gag when some goo was on his tongue...
but.. hey..
I'll take what I can get!! This is a start!! Like my mom,
I almost FELL OVER when I saw this... that's why I had to grab the cell phone for a pic!

Grandma Sue said...

I think he knows how to tease you with all those cute looks on his face. Cheetos to the rescue. We will just keep hoping that some day soon, he will actually enjoy food.

God Bless Matthew every day and especially on this Thanksgiving Day when we are all so grateful for what we have and especially for giving us the gift of Matthew.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Love, Grandma Sue