Thursday, November 23, 2006

The kitchen was bustling with activity. In fact, the ladies were simultaneously using the ovens from three houses. It's a good thing we all live on the same street. Auntie Kim looked as though she could be hosting her own cooking show as she carved the roast.

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Grandma W said...

Uncle Mitch soon took over cutting the prime rib when he saw what a beautiful piece of meat it was. He had to fight all the "finger pickers" off with the large fork and knife to keep them at bay.

The Davenport girls are "great" chefs and all put forth an award winning meal when the moment arises. Always more food than the stomachs can hold, but then we believe in "left overs". It was wonderful having everyone in the family present. Hopefully, we'll have Misti with us for Christmas. She was with us in spirit via cell phone. It was a great 2006 Thanksgiving! Love to all, grandma w