Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pictures while in Beaver

*giggling* Isn't this the funniest picture! If you look close, you can see a bit of a "shiner" over his left eye... he took a little tumble down the stairs. (yes, it scared me to death, but he was just fine) He also biffed and fell on his bottom lip in the mudroom. He was officially broken into boyhood this past week.
Matthew's little Beaver girlfriend, Ashland ... she is so cute! They each wanted that chair.

Here is Vanna Banana reading to Matthew. He was quite spoiled with all the girlies reading to him.
Mom got him this cutest snowsuit, mittens and boots ~ it kept him quite warm.
Watching his daddy and Uncle Timmy being "spidermen" on the scaffolding.

Taylor and Shania spoiling Matthew w/ book reading time.

Trying some of Aunt Tanji's mac and cheese.

Just chillin.

Shania (Nia Bug) reading to the Goo Man again.

He's been having cold and cough symptoms since the day we got home. So far, he's not feverish, but he is coughing his head off and very snotty ~ QUITE GRUMPY and not sleeping well.
I am hoping to avoid taking him to the doctor.... I am keeping an ear on those junky lungs.
Oh well, maybe it's good that his body is having to fight off this kind of thing.... but it sure isn't fun.


Grandma W said...

Matthew was a very lucky little boy to be pampered by such a "special" harem of young ladies.

Just looking at the photo of Matthew sharing a chair with his little friend was heartwarming. He is such a gentle little boy that I am sure it never turned into a shouting match.

I missed the King Trio during their recent work detail in Beaver Utah; but these pictures kept them close to my heart.

Love you guys! grandma wright

Kathy said...

I'm glad you're home!!!
Can't wait to call you! Looks like you guys had a blast. And Matthew...he's not a baby anymore...he's quite the big boy. Hope you're ready to beat the ladies off of him! I love the pics!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! antinesi kisses your owie....such a happy you are having a great time watching dad and crew building your future home...i just know you are a great helper too!
all your girlfriends, my my magoo!!
love you all!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness Matthew, you've gotten so big! That first picture cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Hi hon-

is Matthew better? these are soooo cute--

what a great family you have--

Grandma Sue said...

These pictures are all so great. I can see why Beaver is a favorite destination for all of you. It's amazing that you are in the snow and wind in the mountains and then he gets a cold when he goes home. I think the Mountain air must be good for him. I'm so glad you are enjoying your time in Beaver and the pictures of the cabin are amazing. Great work.

I love you all. Grandma Sue