Monday, January 28, 2008

CNN this Thursday night after debates

Keep an eye out... we are going to be on a CNN special about our healthcare system, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta called "Broken Government ~ Healthcare ~ Critical Condition".

Not sure how they are going to edit the interview ... or what they are going to air .. you all know I had a lot to say.

I think we'll be on for at least a minute or two discussing the issues we faced. Two other local friends of cardiac babies will be on as well.

I must admit, every time I do something like this, I swear, I'm not doing it again ... it's very draining to re~live all that... plus, I get so dang nervous about it. I just think something needs to be done.. but we are only one of hundreds of thousands of people to go thru this.
Not sure if our system will ever change, it's too big of a business and there are too many lobbyists out there.

Now, before you leave this blog... you must go listen to Matthew count to two on the next post...
it was a huge breakthrough for us and we're just so thrilled.

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