Monday, November 12, 2007

Steel Magnolia: Casey's heart procedure coming up on Dec. 5th


Grandma Sue said...

I see two handsome sons in this picture. Matthew really loves spending time with his big brother. I know Matthew has grown to be a big boy now and I'm sure they will continue to have a great time.

I hope Casey's test goes well and will certainly say some prayers to help it along. It always works for Matthew.

Love to all of you. Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

This surgical procedure is heart surgery to trim away an extra thickness in the heart. Casey has learned that getting older can bring about health issues. This may explain why some of us at age 25 developed high blood pressure.

You are doing the right thing, Casey, fixing the source and be done with us. Don't live with high blood pressure if you don't have to.

You are a responsible young man, and I am so proud of you in many many ways. Love you! grandma wright