Sunday, November 04, 2007

Eating Update

Matthew has made progress with eating. As a result his "GI" doctor prescribed Megace for him (which is an appetite stimulant). Let's all hope that it will further improve his eating. We would love to get him off of the overnight feeding machine. I really hope that the Megace will work because the other stuff available is a marijuana derivative and I don't think I could handle giving that to my child!


Grandma W said...

Matthew looks like a food taster for Oreo cookies. I'm pretty sure the cookies passed the "taste" test; but the "mess" test results are still out with the jury.

To many, this probably looks pretty normal for a 2 year old; but for Matthew eating "anything" by mouth is a big milestone.

We are absolutely thrilled with these pictures!!!

Love you my little cookie monster!! grandma wright

Grandma Sue said...

Step by Step, I think he's getting the idea that food isn't so bad afterall. I wish he could tell us what he is feeling about the whole thing. He is just so cute and I hope he keeps up trying food. I know it would be wonderful to be able to stop the night feeding.

Love to all of you. Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

SUCH GREAT PHOTOS MAGOO!!!! isn't that the yummiest stuff....nothing, absolutely nothing better than any kind of chocolate!!!!

love you sweet pea,

Daynes Family said...

That's awesome! What kinds of things is he eating? Luke is doing much better w/eating too. He likes chocolate too..get's that from his mommy!