Friday, November 16, 2007

Matthew feeling better now

Matthew was a bit sick with rattly,junky, wheezy lungs last Friday thru Monday ...
he was quite cranky and grumpy.

He was put on a five day regimen of steroids and Zitromax. Thank goodness Mitch's office is open on Saturdays ... otherwise we would have been stuck in the ER!!! (We avoid the ER like the plague... so thank GOD!) Doug, the PA was WONDERFUL ~ he took such good care of little Magoo.

Oh goodness, those steroids are always such a joy!!! JUSSSS KIDDING .... I yi yi...
steroids turn this kid into a wild boy ... it's crazy. They sure help w/ the wheezing though.

He's still a bit rattly ... but at least he's coughing it up.

We believe he picked up this unwanted bug at the speech/feeding therapist office ... so needless to say, we have canceled all appointments until after the RSV/flu season.
It's just not worth him getting sick.

This is a picture of us waiting to get in the doctor office.


Grandma W said...

Matthew was, in deed, a sick little boy. I think his throat was sore, his ears ached and his head hurt. Those little lungs, that took a royal beating the first year of his life, were congested and I am sure sore when coughing.

Last Saturday Matthew had smiles for "no one". He was just out of sorts and the world was upside down for him.

Mommy was on the ball and got Magoo to the doctor's office and on medication just in time. Whatever this "bug" was, it was fast moving and full of sickness.

I am happy to report that almost a week later, Matthew is going full steam ahead and back to sharing that beautiful smile. His chest is almost clear; but that often takes time for children to clear the lungs after a chest infection.

Life is good for "the magoo". Love you sweet little boy! grandma wright

Grandma Sue said...

Well, we have all gotten spoiled seeing the happy smile of our darling Matthew. You can tell immediately in his eyes when he is just not feeling well.

I'm so happy to hear that the medicine worked and he is on the mend. I think we can all say that we never want to see Matthew with lung congestion and all the rest that comes with a bad cold for that matter. When Michael was little, he used to get ear infections and it was so hard to see those bright eyes that were always smiling suddenly change.

There are a lot of prayers from a lot of places heading Matthew's way. It appears they worked once again. Thanks Grandma Wright for letting us know that Matthew is going full steam ahead once again.

Love to all of you. Grandma Sue

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

Glad the steroids have helped with the wheezing. Luke woke up with something today too. He's got a scratchy voice and he acts like he has a sore throat. No fun, hopefully he is feeling a little better tomorrow.(Probably caught it from speech therapy too.)

Anonymous said...

oh poor kiddo.....i can see by the photo he is apprehensive about the appointment.

Hangi there darlin Magoo...this too shall pass!
love you all,