Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Meeting Place

Matthew's new table & chairs are the preferred meeting area when Grandma Wright comes over. A good book and Mr. Potato Head make for the perfect play time.


Grandma W said...

Mr. Potato Head was a bit of a challenge for grandma; but Matthew had it down to a science. Notice his casual pose sitting on top of the table. Matthew does a great job getting all the parts in the right places; with the exception of the two sets of eyes. Hee Hee No need for glasses with that four eyed creature. Matthew had a bucket of viable parts to select from. I guess two sets of eyes is not a bad thing?

Matthew's table has become our "meeting place". He is very comfortable either on top the table or sitting on a chair. I do pretty good until it comes time to get up. (do you have a crane in that pile of toys perchance?) Just kidding.........but the low level does play a part in my circulation.

Love to spend time with this little potato head creator & book worm. grandma wight

Grandma Sue said...

These are great pictures. He is letting his Grandma know how to put things together and really seems to love his new table and chairs. That was a great idea. He now has his own space for his toys and his friends to play with him. What a joy he is.

I know for sure that I would have a hard time getting up after sitting so low, but I'm sure it's worth it just to see him having so much fun.

Love, Grandma Sue

Daynes Family said...

What a great Grandma! Such cute pictures.
Sorry we missed you this weekend. Jake didn't get back from Michigan until late Saturday night. Jake is at UMC this month close to your house. Maybe we can get together one of these days after he gets off work.

Anonymous said...

Those look like some very precious and memorable times.