Friday, November 30, 2007

Beaver Boy

Matthew in motion.
Matthew teaching PaPa how to eat w/ a spoon. Hee hee!!

Matthew helping w/ the extension cord while Mike makes some stairs.

He had a ball running around ... the little pitter patter of tiny feet.

Running free in the basement.

Just trying to stay warm. Godfrey he's cute!

Helping daddy sweep the garage.

Little Bat Boy waiting for some Cheeto's. Actually, that's a lie .... since he got sick, he's back to NOT eating again. Only tube feeds *big sad face*

Just chillin.

Come on mom, let's get the show on the road! Still not feelin so good.

Little Magpie!!

All bundled up. I think he's eavesdropping on our conversation w/ the concrete guy.

Got some shades, mom??


Grandma W said...

Matthew has been a part of building the cabin in Beaver, Ut. Matthew and LeRoy have this bond whereby Matthew loves to eat whatever his papa is eating (or at least "play" with it). He loves to help his daddy and mommy by keeping the cords moving. He is definitely a "mover and a shaker".

It was so cold in Beaver this last trip; but Matthew did not protest the slightest. Mommy kept him all bundled up and the cold did not phase him.

What an enjoyable little boy! Love you, Matthew. grandma wright

Anonymous said...

He looks like he has had a grand time!

David said...

Aww, look he's helping!

Jackie said...

It's difficult to believe this is the same little boy we started following two years ago!! God is good...ALL the time!

Grandma Sue said...

These are all great pictures. I know you all love it in Beaver and when I was there, I can see why. It is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure this time of year it got pretty cold, but Matthew was doing a great job helping his Dad and others build the cabin. What a beautiful home it will be and the magnificent view makes it even better. It will be exciting to get all the updates.

Love to all of you.

Grandma Sue

The Portas said...

What a little sweetie. :) Looks like the cabin is coming right along! Yay!