Monday, September 03, 2007

Born to be Wild!

Though not quite tall enough to straddle the seat, Matthew likes to day dream of long drives on the open road whenever he's on his bicycle.


Grandma W said...

This is one tough and sweet little boy. I can't determine which of the wonderful close-ups to use for my family gallory. When Matthew comes over to our home, he goes straight for the picture of his dad on the end table.

Macklan Riddle passed on to Matthew the cutest little bike I have ever seen. It is perfect for our little 2 year old Magoo, as you can see.

Matthew has so much fun out on their huge shaded patio. It has toys, puddles and mom and dad exercising. All this little sport needs for a good time. Every now and then, I show up and give him a chance to show off for me. He is sooooo cute!

Matthew spent the afternoon at my house yesterday. Needless-to-say, he kept both mom and I running along after him. He is facinated with the two flights of stairs. He has his own exercise routine going up. He has learned that by making growling sounds and faces, he can keep mom and grandma laughing at him. He reminds me of another little boy I use to know.

As you can see, I love this little boy with all my heart and soul. Matthew IS the "light of my life". Life is good!

Hugs and Kisses, Magoo! grandma wright

Meg-Dan-n-Eli said...

Look at that sweet little face. You guys sure did well. :)

Grandma Sue said...

It's so amazing that he is suddenly old enough for a 2-wheel bike. Like crawling to walking, it will be with training wheels and without before you know it. He is so up to trying everything that comes his way. The bike seems to be a new challenge for Matthew. I love the laughter and that darling face. He's a happy boy which makes my heart happy too.

I love you Matthew. Grandma Sue