Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Ride in the Wagon

Grandma Wright took Matthew for a walk in his new Radio Flyer. He loves to go for a ride and sits in the wagon like a potentate in is chariot.


Grandma W said...

Matthew loves to go for a ride in his "chariot of fire". He would have really been smiling "if" I had used the street instead of the sidewalk. I would have been required "by law" to wear a 'WIDE LOAD" sign on my backside; but I had left it at home. (smile)

I did get some smiley faces from him as we ventured around the block. He had his sippy cup full of water and between the bowl and the sippy cup he was quite busy playing house.

Matthew loves wheels. He likes to watch the wheels turn round and round. He also likes to sit back and feel the wheels move. When we arrived home, his left hand was filthy. I guess that is a boy for you, huh!

Matthew is very interested in his surroundings. As I said earlier, he prefers the street to the sidewalk. As a matter of fact, this was garbage day and I would have also. Must remember to keep "that sign" in my car.

Love you my two year old boy wonder... grandma wright a.k.a. uma

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

That is the coolest wagon... I wanted one when I saw it in another photo, now I really do! Liam would have a ball!