Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On our way to Dr. Tenby's to check lungs

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Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Mom and RoyLe were sooo sweet to come with Matthew and I both days to see the doctor.

Matthew was in heaven...well at least the second day. The first day he was soo sick, that he retched the entire way! Mom sat back there with a rag and had to keep wiping it up. He sat in her lap at dr office... and when it came time for the shot, he started calling out her name to save him!
It was kinda sad...
but he was a champ and only cried for a minute.

He's doing a lot better, on a ten day supply again of antibiotics.

He still has one lung that is a bit junky.

Grandma W said...

Matthew was a different kid from the day before. He was so energetic and funny. He kept us all laughing the entire time, both in the car and in the office. Even Dr. Tenby got a chuckle out of him. Matthew just knows he is very well loved. We just love him so much and want to keep him well and happy.

Grandma Sue said...

It's so good that Grandma and PaPa were able to go with you. I know how stressful those appointments are when they have to get shots. Matthew has had more than his share. It's really sad that this latest illness is affecting his lungs. It took a very long time to get them cleared up from the time he was born.

I'm so glad to see Janet's comments about how Matthew was feeling so much better the second day and had everyone laughing. That must have been a joy for all.

I'm hoping to come see you soon.

Love, Grandma Sue