Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some fun pics

Matthew, Auntie Kim (Matthew says, "Auntie Tim") and Dan the Man ~ out having breakfast.
Cool dude.
Matthew and "Fluffy" the cat.... Fluffy loves Matthew!!

Our little "doo rag" dude. He was so proud of his little "doo rag"... just like his Uncle Tim.


Ann(ie) said... the doo rag. I wore one similar around Magic Mountain!!! I can't believe how big he's getting! wow.

In_spired said...

Our little man!!

The Portas said...

I've missed Matthew pics!! He is such a big boy, and look at those beautiful eyes. Give him a big squeeze for me. I hope you guys are doing well. xoxoox

Grandma Sue said...

I love our little cool dude, animal lover and "doo rag" boy. He is so cute and seems to be so happy in Beaver. He seems to just thrive there. I know you can't wait until you can spend all your time in that beautiful place.

Congratulations on the fantastic job.

Love, Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! And, I fixed my email so you should be able to email me now. :-D