Friday, August 15, 2008

Sippin on an Arby's orange and cream swirl.
Hum.... should I come up?????
Chilling w/ his pal Taylor.
Going to help daddy!
Taking a break to read.
Ready to go, dad! I have my eye and ear protection on!

Matthew's "new thing" is to get ice from the ice maker! He loves filling his cups up w/ ice.
First it was flushing everything down the toilet... now it's the ice maker!
I was looking thru all of Mike's adorable little You Tube video's of Magoo..
and this one was just so darling... it was when he was first learning to walk... Mike's little


Grandma W said...

Nothing like a ole good milk shake to sweeten the travel time after a long three days working on the cabin in Beaver. Why there is climbing the ladder, looking up the ladder with great anticipation, studying the blueprnts in the form of a child's book. hummmmmmm and wearing the oversized earphones. It's good to see Matthew passing time in a learning mode. Matthew still takes time to relax in the lap of a friend. Such is the life of "the little traveler these days. Ah, life is good!

The Portas said...

Thanks so much for the pics!! What a cutie pie. Terri, I can totally see your face in the last pic.

Have a good weekend!! xoxox

Grandma Sue said...

Wow, he looks so old. He really does look cute with the short haircut. He appears to be the happiest working on the cabin like his Dad and hanging out with his friend. I hope he was drinking the orange swirl. Once he gets a taste of something that good, he'll be on his way.

The pictures are all great and I can't wait for my next trip.

Kathy said...

WOW...when did he start drinking from a straw?? Do you put his milk in the cup for him??



Colin's Blog said...

Yeah-Matthew is drinking something other than water!! What is it with these boys?? Colin prefers water over anything else!! Matthew looks great-hope you are all enjoying the summer.

The Domanicos

PS-Can Matthew teach Colin how to walk??

In_spired said...

I can't believe Magoo is so grown up!! He has changed so much just this summer. Utah must be good for him!!

Hope you've had a great summer!!

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

What cute pictures of Matthew! They are getting so big aren't they?! Your cabin looks likes it coming along nicely...can't wait to see the finished product! We miss you guys. Call me or email me when you get a to catch up.