Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still not feeling so hot

Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow... tomorrow will be his last day on antibiotics.


Sarah said...

Oh Matthew!!! I hope you start feeling better today! Heart Hugs.

Grandma W said...

Matthew has experienced a pretty rough February 2007. He can't seem to shake this "thing" or cold that he has been enduring. This month has been a "jolt of a reminder" that his immune system is not what it should be and working on less cylinders than ours. It's just not like Matthew to just lay around and not be active. HIs little eyes tell the story of how he is feeling.

None of us can let down our active guard of washing our hands and staying away when we are not feeling well. With all the cold products off the market for children because "some" parents overdosed their children, there isn't much relief out there for our little magoo and his conjestion.

We couldn't stop by and see Matthew this past weekend because PaPa LeRoy has a bad cold.

Get well, Matthew! Your grandmas worry about you. Love grandma wright

Anonymous said...

oh Magoo!! i can tell your so so tired of this bug!!! you rest and get alllllllllllll better baby darlin!!!

big hugs from antinesi!

The Portas said...

Poor Matthew! I sure hope he starts feeling better soon.

The pics are sooo cute, though! What a sweetie bug, all sprawled out like that. Aaaww.

Kathy said...

I hope you were able to get a nap in while he napped! Poor little guy...I hope he starts feeling better soon. Although...I got your note about the steroids...sorry. I guess we'll meet up again in the summer...when all the germs are fried by the sun!
I'll talk to you soon!
HUG your little man for me!

crabby old man said...

Hope that sweet little man gets well soon, even while he's sick he still does not take a bad picture.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Liam's had a viral thing since Christmas but he doesn't "act" sick at all. I am so sorry to see Matthew so drained. I do hope "tomorrow" ended up being better.

Have a happy weekend!

Colin's Blog said...

We love the shirt..It gave us a good laugh...I hope Matthew is feeling better. Thanks for all the support on our blog. Now we are sending you prayers hoping he is back on his feet in no time.

Ann(ie) said...

Poor little Monkey. :( I'm loving that shirt!

Grandma Sue said...

These picture certainly tug at the heart strings. It's so hard to see Matthew not up and running around. Of course that will be happening again soon, so maybe you should try to get some rest now. I hope this has run the course and all the conjestion gets out of his lungs soon. I'm sure the breathing treatments will make a huge difference.

I love you so much Matthew and hope you will be well soon.

Love, Grandma Sue