Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick update

Matthew is beginning to feel better. His retching is under control now, too. That was a real problem this time around. He retched non stop for a couple weeks and it was quite miserable for him. (us, too... that is never fun to watch)

He had a great day today. Still a little junky in the lungs, but we are working on that by extra inhaler treatments that contain steroids, percussion treatments and manual chest manipulations. He loves the chest manipulations, he just lays there and let me do my thing. He usually starts giggling. We are doing everything possible to avoid that dreaded Prednisone. We avoid that like the plague.

It's been nice to see him smile and be happy again.
That makes me happier, too.

It's been a tough month, that's for sure. These little guys w/ lung issues really take this kind of thing hard. It's a reminder how fragile he really is. He's not like a normal kid when they get a sniffle. For us, there is no such thing as a "simple cold".


In_spired said...

I'm so sorry Magoo has had such a terrible month! I think of him almost daily, always lifting the name of "Matthew" up to God. (sometimes I say "Magoo", but God knows who I'm talking about!) Blessings prayed for all of you...

Oh, yes....I almost forgot your comment instructions...
Matthew is soooo cute!!

Sarah said...

So glad to read that Matthew is beginning to start feeling better. It also seems that this stuff last FOREVER... I'm a little new at the lung issue thing, Evan really hasn't had this much until this winter, I'm thinking maybe preschool and no RSV shots have brought this to the surface for us. Evan started coughing *that cough* again yesterday, oiy.

The Portas said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better! I know what you mean, things just aren't the same with our heart kids, are they? Nothing is simple. Elijah was sick for 2+ months straight this winter! It's so hard to watch. :(

Yay for things looking up!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so tough - I am glad to read that he is beginning to feel better. I don't know how, but we have managed to avoid sickness since the baby was born - A new record for our family during the winter. I sure hope that he continues to feel better and that next month is a much better one.

Grandma Sue said...

I'm praying so hard that our darling Matthew will get over the "winter bug" soon - without having to take prednisone. I remember back when Michael would get ear infections and run fevers. You could always tell by the eyes when he wasn't feeling well. Matthew has gone through so much and seems to come out stronger each time. I'm sure that will be the case as his immune system keeps getting stronger.

I'm sure Mom and Dad are exhausted so you need to take care so you wont get too run down and catch a cold.

He looks like a little angel all stretched out on the couch.

Love to all of you. Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

I love this site and the pictures are a bonus! He is an absolute angel. There has to be a reason why God has made him so strong to survive this. Something special will happen to him, he's here for a reason, thank goodness! You're blessed to have him. I wish it was easier for both of you and of course Matthew. Matthew is lucky to have you as parents. This brinbgs tears to my eyes, just keep focusing on the good things and stay strong. If you're able to, please send me notifications when you update this site with any news, no matter if it's big things or little things. It's an honor to get watch Matthew grow up.


Grandma W said...

Well I am thrilled to confirm the fact that Matthew is feeling better.

On Tuesday, mommy came down with the tummy flu, so I had an extended play date with Magoo. He was his old self letting me know what items he wanted to play with and "when". He was in control.

He brought me the books that he wanted to read giggling and chucking as he turned the pages. He looked to his mommy for approval and to make sure "she was there". Oh yes, make sure mommy was in the room. He is going through "that stage" where he needs to keep an eye on the ever moving mommy.

The weather is starting to get nice and there is great medicine in "fresh air" and the sun for those lungs.

I'll be babysitting for Matthew today while mommy and daddy are taken to lunch by Michael's squad because of Michaels's promotiion. Oncse we get over the "vanishing mommy" act, we'll have a fun play date.
Love that Magoo!!!! grandma wright

Andrea W. said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for all of you! You must be exhausted. Hope you all continue to feel better.