Monday, February 11, 2008

Mike just got "the call" :-)

He starts his new position as a Sergeant on March 8th.

I am so proud of him, he worked so hard for this.
He's beaming with that great smile of his.


Anonymous said...

TA DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go Mike!!! knew you could and would!! so happy to be able to congratualte you and wish you well!!!
Matthew has a great man to emulate!!
with much love, antinesi

Grandma Sue said...

Congratulations my Son. I'm so proud of you for this and for so many others milestones you have achieved. You will make a wonderful Sergeant. You are well trained to handle the job and with your enthusiasm and positive attitude you should be able to build a team of new young recruits to be all they can be for the best Police Department around.

I'll pray for you as always and hope some day Matthew will find a career that he loves also. Who knows, he may want to follow in his Dad's footsteps. Or, maybe he can be a quarterback for the 49ers. Gosh know we need one!

I love you so much and I'm beaming with pride.

Love you always. Mom (Grandma Sue)

Grandma W said...

LeRoy and I are so proud of you!!!!!!

You worked so hard for this and are so well qualified. God love you and keep you safe! Your mother said it all.
Love grandma wright and papa

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mike from Australia. That is one big celebration your family must be very proud.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mike!! I know you worked hard for this and you deserve it!!

Posh Totty said...

Thats great news, well done Xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...This position not only requires being a good police officer, but a strong leader. You are leader!!!! Lead your troops and agency...

John Taylor