Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My oldest son, Casey

I will be back sometime tonight with an update on my oldest son's heart surgery. It is called a catheter ablation, they go up thru an artery in his leg and laser off a node or the thick part of his ventricle. (Hope I explained that right.)

I am up and getting ready now while Matthew is sleeping. My mom is coming over to play w/ Matthew while we all go hang out at the hospital. We need to be at "patient waiting" by 11 am. As soon as the doctor is finished w/ his previous patient, he'll take Casey back. They say surgery can be 2 to 6 hours ... then he needs to hang out for several hours after because they are going up thru a main artery. We are expecting an easy fix.

*big sigh*

Here we go.

I hate/dread being in hospitals. It makes my heart hurt thinking of it. This is the same hospital that Matthew (and Mike and I) spent three months of his little life. Ugh.. brings back weird feelings.


Anonymous said...

Prayers going.....He is a strong young man, he will be good terri...hang in there....sending big hugs and love!!
anti nesi

Andrea W. said...

We'll keep him and you in our prayers!