Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Matthew checking out his heart w/ the stethoscope

We saw our wonderful pediatrician yesterday, Dr. Michael Tenby.
Dr. Tenby gave Matthew a 6 month check up and he received his last vaccine until he's five. He does need to go in for testing to see if his kidney reflux is healed. We will do that after RSV season. I am not looking forward to the VCUG test... poor little guy.

We have one more doctor appointment tomorrow with Dr. Baron, the G.I. doc and then we're done for a while. Thank goodness.

I absolutely dread taking Matthew to any doctor office during RSV season. It's very hard to keep a "twonager" sitting in one place ... I simply won't let him touch a thing. Of course, you can never get out of a doctor office in less than an hour.
I got lucky and his early intervention feeding counselor is going to meet me at the doctor office.....she'd like to discuss Matthew's feeding issues w/ the doc. Matthew is back to not "eating" again; ever since he got sick about a month ago ... he's been retching, too. It's all very strange. Something happens after he takes an antibiotic.

Well, here is the best part of the post!!!!

Is it here??
No, maybe it's here.

Oh yeah.. here too.

Okay.. sounds good.

I understand that it sounds like a muffled washing machine.


A Little Revolution said...

Aww, the girls like to play with stethoscopes as well. We just have fake plastic ones. But, I keep threatening to buy a real one at the pharmacy.

Good luck with the doctor's visits.

Sarah said...

Matthew - you are looking so cute in your Dr. gear!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Just got back from Dr. Baron's office... as of this second, we are discontinuing the Megace (stimulates his appetite)

we are fairly sure THAT was/is causing his behavior changes....

I had a feeling...

I had just started him back on it a couple days ago.. and he started behaving a little weird.

I had talked to a few doctors about this ... and they are all in agreement.

Grandma W said...

Matthew just cracks me up. Monkey see; monkey do is his M.O.P. He watches everthing you do and then mimics it...with the exception of "eating".

He like to do the fork to mouth routine as long as it doesn't have any food on it. His objection to eating by mouth is a true puzzlement to me.

Thank God He made cheetos and cheerios....... Love you little Dr. Magoo. grandma wright

Anonymous said...

I love the photos - those are just too cute. I hope you find a solution to the eating issue - sending prayers. :)

Grandma Sue said...

Well it looks like you're going to have another doctor in the family. Maybe he can work with Uncle Mitch. He looks so cute testing his heart. Hopefully he won't have to go back to the doctor's for awhile. I'm sorry to hear that he doesn't want to eat anything again. Maybe they will be able to find some clue because it happens after he gets the antibiotics. I hope something will interest him. He is so darn cute. I love you Matthew.

Grandma Sue

Little Baby Manning said...

are you serious about his last vaccine until he's five? why? i'm curious b/c i'm a little freaked out about vaccines myself - mason is way behind....

i miss you - we should get together with the boys - you know WE'RE not sick! I think I keep us pretty careful too!