Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some cute pictures

Big brother reading to Magoo.
My silly friend Trish playing w/ the kids in a toy tote.
Trish and the little love bugs.

Matthew playing at mom's in his new outfit that Marci bought him. He looks so much like my brother Danny in this picture... it's shocking.

Look at those little legs!!
My little buddy, Kaylee playing around at lunch one day... My friend Marci came down from Reno with her girlies... Allie and Kaylee... they all spoiled Matthew rotten. He was in love.
Who wouldn't love getting lovin from these cutie pies!!


Chris H said...

Very cute indeed!

Grandma W said...

Matthew really does look like Danny with that hat. Love the picture of Magoo with the girls. He sure had a lot of fun with them. Matthew looks like he really enjoys his big brother reading to him. Cute boys, mom!

Vanessa said...

Yes, that wonderful "W" sitting. I'm always correcting Arianna about that.

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.