Friday, April 17, 2009

ECHO & EKG went great today

He used to scream bloody murder during the EKG.. but he was as calm as a clam.
He was so calm and relaxed, that he actually started to doze off!!
We love Dr. Mayman! He's such fun and a great doctor w/ the best bedside manor.
His "numbers" are great! They are holding steady ~ his "numbers" are the same as they were three years ago after his second heart surgery. We are very happy and excited!


The Portas said...

Praise God!!!

What a big boy, being all cool and calm. I hope that happens soon for our little munchkin.

YAY for the good visit!

Grandma W said...

What greater news is there!!!! Matthew has known Dr. Mayman since he was 4 days old. He even talks to him on the telephone. Mom and dad have done an outstanding job in keeping Matthew happy and healthy. We all dread the day our little Magoo will need surgery. I just hope he will be old enough to understand and take it in stride as well.

Grandma Sue said...

What fabulous news! He is growing up so fast and to see him being so calm during his test is really a milestone for all of you. Thank God for Dr. Mayman who has been like a member of the family for Michael, Terri & Matthew.

I hope he stays happy and healthy forever. He really is having a wonderful life.

Love, Grandma Sue

Jackie said...

Great news!!

Anonymous said...

oh that is such good news, i had to say i am overjoyed!! you two are the greatest folks ever, and with all the help, and God above, look at the miracle baby now!!!

oh magoo my boy, you are grand!!! we adore you!
your ever loving antinesi!!