Monday, March 16, 2009

This is hysterical!

Matthew keeps removing a knob off our kitchen cabinet.

Yesterday, I walked up and saw that it was missing AGAIN. I asked Matthew,

"What happened to the knob Matthew?"

He walked up to the cabinet door ... looking very serious... his little eyebrows went together,
and he very quietly said:

"You broke it."

I almost died laughing!!!! He's never really answered me like that before. I loved it.


Grandma W said...

I'll bet he has heard those words before..... Ha Ha

Izabell said...

he is so funny! love the tude:) The pictures are very cute too:)
wyndi and Izzy

The Portas said...

That is really funny. Silly kid!

LOVE the pictures in previous post. What a sweet face. :)

Chris H said...

Look out , he will be blaming you for everything soon! Little scamp.

Grandma Sue said...

How funny is that. Not only did he answer a direct question, but he thought up a pretty clever answer. He is doing so great and all the wonderful care and time spent reading to him and teaching him is definitely showing.

Pictures are wonderful as always.

Love, Grandma Sue

GoofyJ said...

ha ha! That is so funny - and adorable :-)