Sunday, March 01, 2009

Okay okay

I will get some pictures of Matthew up real soon.

He is so funny...

he's singing this cute little song....

moo moo buzz buzz,
pop pop klop,
cock a doodle doo doo who who
dibble dibble dop,
tick tock knock knock
boom boom SPLAT!
last a whisper whisper

from Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You??


Grandma Sue said...

I can't wait to hear him sing that. What a cute song. Little by little he is saying more and more. I called yesterday and got to talk to him. I could hear him talking about Blues Clues. Michael said when I was talking his eyes kept going back and forth between the phone and Michael. He hasn't seen me in a long time so I'm trying to arrange a visit real soon.

Love, Grandma Sue

Johnny, Cheryl, Ali, and Tyler said...

Do you guys have him in preschool yet? It's amazing the songs and rhymes she brings home from school.

Grandma W said...

Matthew is going to have some connection with music when he grows up. He loves to sing. Matthew is getting to where he loves to jabber on the telephone. He knows who his Grandma Sue is even though he hasn't seen her for a while. He points to her picture and says "grandma sue". I am proud to say I taught him that. We grandmas must stick together.

Liam's Mom said...

That is awesome that he memorized all that! What a man!