Thursday, July 03, 2008


He ran himself ragged ~ was so tired he fell asleep in tub while Mike was drying off.


Grandma Sue said...

Ok, first I'll say all that beautiful hair! Now, I'm over it. Every boy needs a buzz cut at least once. It's a great haircut for the Las Vegas weather.

I can't believe how wonderful the cabin looks. You have done such an unbelievable job. I'm sure it's like a dream come true for all of you that have worked so hard to get this far.

Everyone one just seems so happy in Beaver. That definitely will be the place to call home.

I love all the pictures and hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.

Love, Mom (Grandma Sue)

Andrea W. said...

I LOVE summer buzzes for little boys, he looks darling! I can't beleive he fell asleep in the bathtub, that is the sweetest funniest picture!

Grandma W said...

Matthew definitely looks a lot older. Her has gotten taller and there definitely is no baby fat left.

Matther certainly trust his Uncle Tim and did not put up a fuss while loosing his beautiful locks.

As you can see Matthew calls Beaver home as well.
Love you my sweet little boy!