Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some fun pics

Matthew and Taylor watching DVD's while traveling to Beaver.
Auntie G and Magoo w/ his little Dragon they bought for him.

In the dog house.
The stethescope snatcher. Poor Dr. Baron, Magoo was all over him ~ he WANTED that stethescope.
Matthew and his speech therapist, Mr. Chris.
Matthew and his teacher, Miss Jenn.
Daddy's little helper.
Mike and Tim had this wall all lined up and ready to be screwed together, but Matthew had a different plan.

On our way to Beaver!!
Getting warmed up by Grandma after spending a couple hours in Uncle Keith & Auntie G's pool.

We met daddy for lunch one evening.

Uncle Joel, Taylor, Casey and Magoo.

Christine, one of Matthew's nurses from Stanford. She took care of Matthew after both heart surgeries.
Matthew and Taylor bug. Taylor spent a few days with us. We all had a blast.


Chris H said...

What lovely family photos, Matthew looks so serious in the 'dog box'! We are thinking of getting a DVD player for the car too... your two littlies look to be enjoyng theirs.

Ann(ie) said...

What fabulous pics!! I cannot believe how big he is. He's growing like a weed!!

Grandma W said...

These pictures were well worth the wait. I know it is difficult being in Beaver three days a week; but nothing is more exciting to me than seeing pictures of Matthew.

I expecially love the ones where he, too, is assisting in building the cabin with dad and Tim. He has a lot of "teachers" these days and it shows.

Uncle Keith and Auntie Gabrielle's pool is one of his favorites. He is like a fish and loves the kicking and splashing. So different from last year. What a difference a year makes in the life of a 3-year old.

Matthew loved the four days his friend Taylor spent with them. They were on the move the entire time. Going to Casey and Joel's was one of the highlights.

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I just love our little Magoo!!!!!

Andrea W. said...

Oh, those pictures of Matthew helping are priceless!!!! It looks like a boy's paradise there. Great picture of Grandma Janet and the one of you and Matthew in the pool.

The Portas said...

I love the last pic of you two in the pool. Matthew is looking at that thing suspiciously. All the pics are great! Thanks for posting these. xoxo

Susan said...

great pictures!! and thanks for yours-- I could only get two to go through! waaa!!! Maybe one of these here will work-- I am going to try!

Have fun at Beaver- wish I was going with you!

Grandma Sue said...

It's hard to know where to start so I'm adding my comments at the end also. I love all the pictures at Beaver and especially the ones where he is helping to big guys out. All the others with his teachers and doctor and his little friend are great.

I see that he is swimming in style, especially looking cute with his beautiful Mom. He always knows he has a nice warm towel and hugs from Grandma Wright waiting.

It's summer time and it shows. It is just so unbelievable that he is growing so fast. I can't wait to see all of you again. I want to plan it so I can go to Beaver to see first hand how beautiful the cabin is and all the work that has been done.

Love to all of you from Grandma Sue

Grandma Sue said...

I just had to add another comment about meeting his Daddy for dinner. Michael looks especially handsome in uniform and is certainly driving in style with the great looking Police car. I know Matthew wlll be so proud of his father the Policeman and Carpenter. Those are two great professions.

Love, Mom (Grandma Sue)