Sunday, November 13, 2005

Matthew swaddled after his bath.

All of the sudden Matthew has lost interest in eating from a bottle. We needn't worry about a lack of nutrition because we can simply poor what he doesn't eat down his G-tube. Our concern is that he is developing an oral aversion that will affect him later in life. We see Dr. Dezenburg (his GI doctor) on the 18th and will seek his advice. Matthew weighed in at 10lbs. 9ounces on our home scale so we are in line with Dr. Nakamura's scale.
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Denise said...

oh honey boy....please don't be disinterested in eating...soon there will be flavors you can't even imagine!!!! maybe mommy needs to add some chocolate syrup!! have chocolate milk!

Grandma W said...

The way Matthew sucks on his finger he does appear to be against putting things in his mouth. Maybe his throat is a little sore. He would not necessarity have a fever. Give it a few days and wait until he is really hungry and see what his reaction is. His appetite will vary just like ours do.
Grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

This would have really pleased Grandma Dunphy to see her little Great Grandson bundled up and nice and warm after his bath.

He looks adorable - nice gift Johnny & Cheryl.

Love Grandma Sue

Auntie Kim said...

While I was visiting Matthew tonight, big brother Casey stopped by with Joel. Casey and Joel just returned from a trip to San Diego. Casey made a bee line to Matthew, picked him up out of his bouncy, and Casey had the greatest smile on his face. He was so happy to see his little brother. It was one of those moments that will be forever captured in my heart.

Denise said...

i can picture that greeting and smile!!

Anonymous said...

babies not eating is so hard to deal with... it makes us fearful of them loosing weight, and in matthew's case he really cannot afford to loose any at all. It would seem that because it is something fairly new he can develop fears about it. Kids do that all the time. One minute they will be jumping off a diving board, and the next they scream if they are within a foot of it. Along with talking to the specialist try to think of activties that have happened lately that could have frightened him. combinations of "new" or "scary" things could make something like everyday bottle time an unwanted activity...add that to the withdrawls, sounds like our little trooper is having a bit a depression. Poor guy. he is soooo young to be experiencing emotions we as adults have problems with. Keep on going. effort goes a long way.
ps. "cousin" Daevin said Matthew can come to our house to eat becuase we have lots of Halloween candy left.... Smiles:)
~Kelly and family