Saturday, November 12, 2005

Matthew had a good time out back in his swing today while I worked out. The tube he is clutching prevents water from pooling in his oxygen line. Posted by Picasa


Denise said...

HI darlin 10 pound boy!!!! you are lookin good out there with daddy!! i hope you had a super day!!

Grandma W said...

Matthew knows there is nothing like good fresh air to keep you healthy. My mom use to bundle my baby brother up and put his buggy out on the front porch in the sun for a short time during the cold winters in the Chicago area.

So happy to hear Matthew's oxygen line is "now safe". Thank God for guardian angels, a watchful mommy and Auntie Kim. The fact that it took Praxair almost 3 weeks and a near drowning to do it leaves volumns to be said.

Love you "sweet baby" grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

It won't be that long before Matthew will be doing work outs with you. That will be a special day for both of you (and for all the rest of us also).

Love, Mom