Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ATV'in w daddy


Anonymous said...

What fun!!!

Grandma W said...

Matthew just loves to go for a ride on the ATV. As I look at this picture I can just hear him laugh and feel his enthusiam.

Grandma Sue said...

Well I certainly love this picture. I love seeing pictures of Michael and Matthew having fun. He is growing up so quickly and gets cuter every day.

Wish I could hear the laughter.

Love Mom/Grandma Sue

Dan Tylenda Emmons said...

Please help usMy wife and I gave birth to a new born baby girl (Ruby) on July 20th (a couple days ago), and she was diagnosed with the same problems talked about in this article: By ANGIE PARKINSON.

Our baby is in the NICU at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee and is stable, but will require the same surgery mentioned in the article.  She is missing her pulmonary artery completely, and also has several holes in the heart that have blood flowing through.  We are seeking help and trying to reach out to the King family of that article.  Could you please provide their information, or please pass our information on to them?  

Ruby's diagnosis
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~Dan & Kerry Tylenda-Emmons

Dan Tylenda-Emmons said...