Thursday, March 06, 2008

The wife of a friend on Mike's squad, gave Matthew this fun carpet w/ some diapered wooden animals. We love it ... it's a big hit ~ Thanks Joy and Wes!!

After one solid month of not eating/tasting a thing by mouth ~ yesterday I got him to taste (not so much eat, but it's a start) some chopped up grapes, apples and a teeny tiny peanut butter sandwich. I've been having a bit of luck with the white string cheese.

All of that did end up on the floor ... guess he was done! Oh yes, I do see some Cheerios too. He will taste those.


The Portas said...

PROGRESS! How wonderful. He's making progress all around these days. Go Matthew!

Anonymous said...

it is so great to see him with food and curiosity...that will do it in the end i think, that and FLAVORS!! i know he doesn't taste things like we do with the meds he has, but doggonit, he WILL!!

my darlin magoo!! keep trying those things out!!!
much love from antinesi!

GoofyJ said...

Yes, hooray for progress!

Sarah said...

Look at you Matthew!!! Way to go!

In_spired said...

What a sweetheart♥ ♥

Ann(ie) said...

What a rock star!! Gooooooo Matthew!! xo.

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

Glad to hear Matthew's tasting again. Luke was sick for almost two weeks and is now finally eating a little again. It's frustrating when they backtrack. Keep it up Matthew!

Grandma W said...

It's "show time"!!!!! Matthew has a "magic carpet" that takes him into an imaginary country side.

It's a fun rug with roads and bridges and waterways, that even grandmas love to play with. Matthew has plenty of mental stimulus.

Someday when Matthew get the "hang" of eating, he will be stuffing his little mouth.

He watched me eating grapes and reached up for one. I gave him one and he nibbled on it until it was gone. I think he loves all the attention he gets being fed through the tube. He helps his mommy hook it up and warm the tube for easy flow.

One thing for sure, any kind of illness stops the natural form of any nurishment.

But, whatever, he is a happy little boy who is thriving and growing. Whatever they are doing, "it works". Love my little Magoo, grandma wright

Andrea W. said...

Cute pictures of a darling boy! Yeah for progress!

crabby old man said...

Glad Magoo is feeling better. It looks like I need to send the poor boy some toys , for it looks like he does not have anything to play with.

Grandma Sue said...

What a great gift of a play rug with so many different toys on it. I think I will like playing with that.

I'm also glad he is back to tasting different foods. At least he knows what it's like to eat different foods with different tastes and textures. One day he will decide that he is ready to eat like Mommy and Daddy - and grapes with Grandma Wright.

The pictures are all so wonderful.

Love to all of you. Grandma Sue