Friday, October 12, 2007

Cardiologist Visit

Matthew was a champ!

The cardiologist said there has been no narrowing ... and the leak is the same as before.

That is fantastic news! We go back for another ECHO in six months.

He said when Matthew goes in for surgery, it will be because of the leak and not the narrowing. He mentioned that the conduits can get some kind of sludge build up.

They rate the leak 1 to 10, and his leak is still a 3.

Doctor said that he'll need a conduit change once it gets between 8 and 10; he said to plan on surgery in about 2 years. We'd been told at Stanford that on average, these little guys need a conduit change every three years. So, that would be about right.

We hope medical technology will advance quickly, so that he won't need to go in (approximately) every 3 years.... maybe they can come up with some new kind of tissue or a bovine or pig valve that will last longer.

Thank you so much for your prayers ... we very much appreciate it!! They worked! :-)

(((Hugs))) to you all.

Oh yeah, we tried to go celebrate at IHOP afterwards, but Matthew pitched a HUGE fit as we were sitting down. We got up and left the building. He screamed all the way home.
We didn't know what the heck was going on.

He's been a perfect angel since we walked in the door.


Grandma W said...

What wonderful news!!!!! Status Quo is good, especially when it is good and better than ever anticipated.

I love the pictures of our little hero. It shows you what a handsome dude he is these days. Mommy said that Matthew was the perfect patient. He didn't waste any time getting his shoes back on to go home, did he? He sat quietly during his tests which does help for more accurate results.

I told mommy that when they sat down for a celebration breakfast and Matthew saw that grandma wright wasn't there, he protested. Ha Ha. Can't celebrate without his buddy. I rarely miss an opportunity for chowing down with our little hero or going out to eatwith him. I would have today; but I got off to a slow start......... (a typical occurance since retirement).

Matthew has found a fondness for oreo cookies and cheetos by mouth. Those would have been my "starter" foods at age 2 also. Hee Hee

I watched him try to connect the hose to his mickey button the other day. Not much flavor in that. Oh well, it is "normal for him", remember.

Love you my little hero, grandma wright

Grandma Sue said...

This is wonderful news. The pictures are so cute. He looks so serious in some and then the smile breaks through. I really do believe that all the prayers from family and friends definitely help. He looks so grown up.

I guess by the time you got to breakfast he wanted none of that - just get me home. Too bad for Mommy & Daddy though.

I love all the pictures so much and can't wait to see all of you again.

Love, Grandma Sue

Meg-Dan-n-Eli said...

SO happy to hear this, you guys! We've been praying.


Anonymous said...

Such great news!!! He simply wanted an oreo, none of that other goopy stuff you'all eat.

Is he really eating oreo's and cheeto's??

Way to go Magoo, you are awesome!!!

love you,

Jake, Amy and Luke said...

I'm glad to hear things are looking good. What a good boy during the echo. Luke is all over the place, he won't sit still. Cute little guy.