Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some fun pictures

Mike and Magoo

His first sight of Santa walking in the house.

Waiting his turn

Opening his gift


Grandma Sue said...

Oh these are such happy pictures. What a great place to celebrate Christmas. All the pictures are wonderful and his happy face is the best Christmas gift of all.

Hope to see you soon.

Love, Grandma Sue

crabby old man said...

We never get tired of hearing how cute Matthew is. Go ahead :-)and tell us all about it!!
What a nice looking young boy, magoo does not take a bad picture

Grandma W said...

Matthew is just a beautiful child. He looks more like his daddy everyday. He has Mike's eyes for sure. He is such a sweetheart that and his beauty runs so deep. So happy he got to enjoy Christmas Eve with Santa and the other children. It was a first for him to be with other kids and look how he enjoyed it.