Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look at that face.... lol

He was making some strange sound w/ his throat... we were heading up to Beaver and he ate a package of Oreo cookie wafers.
Matt and his Uncle Russ. Russ was working the marathon down the street... and Matthew got busted "stroller speeding".... lol. We took Russ some cookies and hot coffee to get Matt out of his ticket.


Heli gunner Tom said...

And what a nice post in a world with nothing but bad news these days!

I hope things go better for ya'll this next year. But I am expecting more economic slippery slopes in the USA-- but also places like Russia, and the rest of the world. It's all biblical and I am a serous bible student. I hope you visit my Journal some time and comment.

Warm Regards,
Tom S

Chris H said...

OOO eating cookies! Sure looks like he enjoyed them too! Way to go on the eating front Matthew!

Pray For Baby David said...

My unborn son has been diagnosed with multiple heart defects, looking for other mom's who understand. Please read my blog for more about me, I am adding you to my blog roll!

Grandma W said...

Uncle Russ drives a hard bargain. Ha Ha Once he tasted the cookies, banana or date nut bread, I'm sure He'll be watching out for our little speed racer in the future.

Matthew certainly does love those chocolate cookies. We know his taste buds are working properly.

The Portas said...

A package of Oreo cookie wafers?! That's awesome! He sure looks cute with a cookie face. :)

Andrea W. said...

I love that first oreo face picture!!! Yay for progress!

Anonymous said...

MAGOO!!! awesome job Dude!!! you just keep eating that chocolate...did i not tell you some time ago its the best food on earth?? oh honey you made my day to hear this news!!

your antinesi!!
also, my little buddy, would you please give my darling Casey James a good hug next time you see him?? thanks darlin!!