Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Virtuoso

Matthew paid a visit to Grandma Wright's house yesterday. I have a source inside who reports that these pictures represent the only time he sat down all day. Grandma Wright says she may be biased, but it sounded like the sweetest concerto she had ever heard. Then he stood up as if to scream, "Great balls of fire!"


Grandma W said...

Matthew's very first piano lesson 101 - "Do not stand on the keys" ended successfully. As usual, Matthew was very curious about all the moving parts, what should go up and what should go down.....softly. Hummmmm The piano bench was found to be just as much fun getting up and down safely.

Matthew had his eye on the mantle clock that is far more delicate and "untouchable" softly or safely. Ha Ha Matthew has a great deal of freedom at grandma's house; but a few "no, no's" had to be inforced on several occasions.

The heat outside did not distract our busy little boy from wanting to spend time outside. The RV has become one of his points of interest at every visit. He manages to spend lots of time in it even though it is NOT air conditioned when not in use. It's a big suana for the adults watching him.

Matthew loves to play with the front door. The entry way is gated so he can safely open and close the door as he please. Safely does not pertain to the little finger; however. (ouch)

For some strange reason, Matthew spotted a bottle of spray butter in the refrigerator and freezer. He is facinated with putting the cap on and off. Matthew has learned that if he cannot reach or open something, either mommy or grandma can assist. When he grabs for one of our fingers, we know he wants something he probably should not have. It's probably the only "phase in his life" where mommy and grandma are "super heros" for all that we can do for him. Do you suppose we are being manipulated. Ha Ha

It's always a fun day when Matthew comes to visit. Moose went to bed really early last night. Ha Ha Matthew has learned to navigate the stairs like a champ. Oh! to a kid again!!!!!!!! Life is good! love grandma wright

David said...

Babies and a piano-a great combo.

Izabell said...

he is so cute!! He looks so good too! hee hee looks like he is going to like the school of rock:)
wyndi and izzy

Grandma Sue said...

What fun he has at Grandma Wrights. Kids always love playing the piano and hearing all the sounds that come out. I'll have to say that Matthew really got going with the Great Balls of Fire routine. So cute and so wonderful to see him having so much fun and being so curious about how it all works. Great pictures.

Love, Grandma Sue

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What an entertaining pianist! Love that energy!