Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Matthew is on the verge of walking on his own. He still uses the couch and coffee table for support but has become more daring. He has started crawling away from the table and standing on his own. I tried to get a picture but he is camera shy like Bigfoot when it comes to photographic evidence of improved locomotion.


Grandma W said...

Close proximity is one of the reasons Matthew likes to be in the RV. Everything is close by so he can walk from side to side holding on to things. Any child who can go from a crawl, squat and standing position without the aid of "something" is strong enough to walk by himself.

Matthew loves to play "whoops" at the gate over the "inside" stairs in the motorhome. He likes to take his blocks and throw them over the gate. Anyone coming inside must retrieve Matthew collection before entering. It is a "must". Ha Ha

Matthew has learned how to put the round toys into the round hole. For 17 months old, he is quite amazing. His concentration skills have always blown me away. He is courious, alert, adventuresome and loves pushing his boundries. He now crawls into the bedroom area, turns around to see if anyone is going to go get him. It is like a game with Matthew. He thinks it is out of bounds for him and loves to tease us. We won't spoil his little game.

Just look at that face. He has such "laughing" eyes that just add to his personality.

Love you sweet baby, grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

Oh gosh, what an adorable picture. He looks as if he is ready to run. He gets a lot of attention and it shows in his personality - always happy and safe with his family.

He is just the cutest.

Miss you so much. Grandma Sue