Sunday, December 25, 2005

Shortly Before opening gifts we snapped this picture. Terri says Matthew will overtake my enthusiasm in 1-2 years.


Grandma Sue said...

Oh, I love this picture. My son at his happiest with his beautiful family. God Bless you and Merry Christmas. Have a great day.

Love Mom (Grandma Sue)

Grandma W said...

"Do you see what I see?" Look at the pure joy that is being sent to all of us with Matthew all snuggled up with his mommy and daddy. The "christmas tree of life" will represents the joys and happiness of each coming year. Each year it will harbor all past christmases sentiments, happy or sad. As each new ornament is placed on the tree each year, it will become the memory of "Christmas Past". Michael and Terri will be able to sit in the living at nights, with all the lights off but the christmas tree and hear the laughter of previous Christmases when their children are grown and off changing the world. There Christmas tree now, with Matthew, will become their "memory tree" of all their children. If you sit quietly at night with the lights off in the house, you will be able to hear the family voices. Sometimes I cry when thinking of Christmases past.
Merry Christmas, King Trio, may you have many, many more wonderful Christmases with your families. grandma w